Automatic FaceSwap

                This project aims to swap faces on given two images. It automatically detects both faces and scales them. But poor lighted or rotated faces may not be detected or result in an unsatisfactory mixture. Best results or obtained when both images have similar sizes. You can reach […]

Bouncy Eggs

I made this game on Unity 3D. I did code everything from scratch except UI. UI is open source but I did some improvement and additions.

Color Transfer Between Images

In this project, I implemented an algorithm using Ruderman method to transfer colors in given source image to target image. This project has two parts. I used this project for my Image Processing Class. You can reach the code and report from my GitHub. I do not own any rights on the pictures. If you […]

Estimating Preferences By Region Using Yelp Data

I am doing a project with a team for my Machine Learning Project. Our project aims to estimate what customer values on restaurants by region. We intend to improve the business for restaurants that currently open or will we available in future. Data Set: Yelp’s Data We are writing a blog on Medium about it […]

Google Hash Code 2017

Hash Code is a team-based programming competition organized by Google Paris. Every year they announce a real-life problem as the challenge. You can reach the website from here This year my team and I participated. Even though we had some problems on the Online Qualification Round which caused us not to go to Paris, […]

Parameterized Neural Network

This project is a simple parameterized neural network implementation. I used this for my Machine Learning Class. All files are in my GitHub, so you can examine and read my report about it. You can contribute if you like.

Pizza Michelangelo

A Project for local pizza store. Both front-end and back-end made from strach.

Predicting Reviews Attitude

In this project, I implemented an algorithm using python to predict if the given review is positive or negative. I used “Bag of words” method to get the frequency of the words and Naive Bayes to determine the class. I used this project for my Machine Learning Class. The Dataset  Movie review dataset  contains positive […]

Site Crawler

A simple web crawler that only scans the given domain. It scans all of the links both internal and external and saves them and also stores all the assets for each page. GitHub Link

Space Rush

Space Rush is a endless space game. The Goal is having the highest score and lasting longest. You can join the highscore table if you connect via Facebook. Google Play Link